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6300 Beulah Street, Alexandria, VA 22310
Emergencies: Call 9-1-1
Station 5 Operations: (703) 971-5858 | Station 37 Operations: (703) 719-9294
Recorded Information Line: (703) 922-5858
Information Request Form for Prospective Volunteers

The Franconia Volunteer Fire Department has continuously served Fairfax County since 1933. It is one of 12 private, not-for-profit volunteer fire companies working in partnership with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue to provide emergency and non-emergency services to people who work, live and visit in or near Fairfax County.

Each year, we provide equipment and support worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that go to work in your community, directly preserving life and property.  As part of our combination system, volunteers trained to a professional level work alongside career firefighters and paramedics and respond to medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, fire alarms and other incidents.

The county frequently asks us to staff additional fire engines or ambulances when there is a major incident or when its career personnel are in training. When called, in times of need, the more than 300 operationally qualified volunteers in the county pool resources with each other to place units in service within the Fairfax County area.

Some recent examples of how our members have supported the local community include:

- In September 2013, after months of research, negotiations, follow up, and preparation, our newest paramedic unit was pressed into service as our new first-out medical transport unit capable of providing Advanced Life Support. The purchase of this $240,000 ambulance was possible because of the generous support from the community and from the many hours of fundraising our members provided.

- On Labor Day 2013, Fairfax County sent dozens of firefighters -- including our frontline paramedics and firefighters -- to support a six-alarm blaze in Alexandria Fire Department's jurisdiction. Within two hours of a staffing request call, Franconia volunteers placed an additional ambulance unit into service to provide quicker first responder access for the Franconia community, and an additional fire engine to provide coverage in nearby Annandale. (more info)

- In March 2013, in preparation for Winter Storm Saturn, Franconia volunteers staffed the Brush unit and an additional ambulance so that the local community would have quicker access to fire and rescue services during and after the late-season snowstorm. (more info)

Like we have for 80 years, as communities around Franconia, Rose Hill and Kingstowne transformed, local volunteers selflessly dedicate personal time -- sometimes in the middle of the night -- to answer your calls for help, or to ensure the people responding to your emergencies are equipped with the best training, equipment and support. In 2014, Franconia volunteers contributed nearly 20,000 hours to support your community firehouse.  We have approximately 60 active members participating in the Administrative and Operational volunteer programs.

Even in a county as big as Fairfax, you, your friends and neighbors can play a role.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please look around, and let us know if you have questions or comments.

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